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Matthias Scheffler
3 months ago
Matthias Scheffler 3 months ago

Open positions in the NOMAD CoE and the association FAIR-DI

The NOMAD (Novel Materials Discovery) Center of Excellence (CoE),, together with the association FAIR-DI e.V. ,, offers several open positions in the following, highly important, and urgent topics or fields.

A scientific coordinator for computational materials science and Novel Materials Discovery

Scientific software engineers or developers for building a FAIR data infrastructure

Computer- and information-science experts for the development of metadata and ontologies for materials science

Artificial-intelligence (AI) experts for developing AI-guided workflows for high-throughput screening computations and/or developing exploratory and predictive big-data-analytics tools.

Theoretical chemists or physicists for developing a coupled-cluster theory for three- and two-dimensionally extended systems

Specifically, we are looking for truly outstanding master students, PhD students (“fast track” is possible), and postdocs. If you belong to this group and are interested in one of the noted topics, please send your application to Hanna Krauter .  Your work place will be at the Physics Department, FAIR-DI/NOMAD Group of the Humboldt University in Berlin, one of the best universities in Germany.

The application must include in one pdf file:

-- a cover letter describing your motivation for applying (max. 1 page)

-- a CV with complete description of your academic career and relevant skills (including a description of your programming experience)

-- contact details of two potential referees

-- your degree certificate(s)

-- for applicants for a PhD position: transcripts of courses taken and grades obtained

With best wishes
Matthias Scheffler and Claudia Draxl

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