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2 months ago
subi123 2 months ago

TOPIC: NPDF Postdoc position at National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), India.


About the project

Our group focuses on forefront development and computational methods at the interface of physics, chemistry, and materials science ( The topic of our current research projects deals with the application of novel approaches in the field of ground and excited-state properties of materials. Also, we develop various density functional methods to understand material properties. To understand the properties of the material we use various freely and commercially available codes such as NWChem, Quantum Espresso, deMon2k, WIEN2k, VASP, FHI-AIMS, Q-Chem, Molpro, ADF, SIESTA, ABINIT, and other ETSF codes. Our various developed methods are interfaced with the aforementioned codes. Application of our developed methods in material science will allow unprecedented new insight in the field of material research. The project may be carried out in collaboration with other research groups.

Candidate Requirements

We are looking for motivated, creative, ambitious candidates who can work with other group members. The candidate should possess and have demonstrated a strong background in using density functional theory (DFT) and many-body perturbation theory (MBPT) techniques (In addition, ab-initio molecular dynamics, DMFT, DMRG, QMC, and machine learning experiences will be onus.) in Physics, Chemistry, Computational Materials Science and Engineering. A strong application will include an innovative, original, and feasible research proposal. Prior knowledge in the above mentioned DFT codes will be quite handy.


Interested applicants are encouraged to send their application documents (cover letter, CV, publication list, diplomas, description of research experience and motivation, names of at least two academic references) as one pdf document per e-mail to Prof. Prasanjit Samal (email:[email protected]).

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