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2 years ago
ccorminb 2 years ago

Ten "INSPIRE potentials: Master Internship Awards" in first-principles simulations are available to outstanding women researchers for 6 month stays in Swiss research groups belonging to the MARVEL NCCR 

In a field of science where women are still strongly underrepresented, the "INSPIRE potentials - Master Internship Awards" aim to support excellent female students in their Master thesis projects, while giving them access to outstanding research facilities and enviroments.

There are two deadlines for submission: 15 Mai and 15 October 2016; all information can be found at:

Note that the INSPIRE Potentials Master Internship awards are initiated in close collaboration with the NCCR QSIT — Quantum Science and Technology (

Nicola Marzari
Clemence Corminboeuf
Lidia Favre-Quattropoani
Helene Fueger

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