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3 months ago
lamoen 3 months ago

The HPC core facility CalcUA of the University of Antwerp is hiring two full-time (100%) colleagues.

The VSC (Vlaams Supercomputer Centrum) supports the HPC (high performance computing) activities in all Flemish university associations ( for more than 10 years. The HPC core facility of the University of Antwerp (, which is integrated into the VSC, is looking for two full-time enthousiastic junior / senior colleagues.

Job description

The tasks of the CalcUA team include:

  • Participation in the first-line support;
  • Advise and assistance of researchers in the use of specialized software, benchmarking, code modification and development (MPI, OpenMP, optimisation for specific hardware, …);
  • Support of HPC project applications;
  • Information of and reach out to potential users within the university and its colleges, research centers and industry;
  • Development of introductory courses, together with the VSC colleagues and other specialists, and dissemination of guidelines for the optimal use of the infrastructure;
  • Participation in European projects such as PRACE and EuroHPC;
  • Participation in system management and optimization of the system (scheduling policy, …);
  • Identification of the need for and advise on system extensions and upgrades.

Depending on the candidate’s experience, he or she participates in one or more of the above tasks.

Profile and requirements

  • You hold a master’s degree or PhD in sciences or applied sciences and you have a clear feeling for computer science, or you have a bachelor’s degree with an extensive ICT program and substantial professional HPC experience.
  • You have a strong interest in computational problems, also outside the (applied) sciences (e.g., economics, medicine, sociology, linguistics).
  • You are interested in a customer service related position and you have excellent communication skills, either in English or in Dutch.
  • You are flexible, responsible and a team player.
  • Your qualities comply with the requirements stipulated in the university policy.
  • You are quality-oriented, conscientious, creative and cooperative. 

We offer

  • an appointment as a researcher for a period of one year, which can be extended after a positive evaluation;
  • the date of appointment by mutual agreement with the head of the HPC core facility;
  • a dynamic and stimulating work environment.

How to apply?

  • Please send your application, accompanied by your CV and two references, to prof. dr. Annie Cuyt, at [email protected]. In your CV, you clearly describe all relevant experience. Selected candidates are invited for an interview. The vacancy remains open until filled.
  • For questions about the profile and the description of duties, please contact prof. dr. Annie Cuyt, [email protected], tel: +32 3 265 3898, or dr. Stefan Becuwe, [email protected], tel: +32 3 265 38 60.

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