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2 months ago
katan 2 months ago

We are looking for 5 highly motivated and enthusiastic PhD candidates to work a thesis within the following topics.

1. Ab initio calculations of circular dichroism (CD) and circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) parameters in lanthanide complexes. (Supervision: B. Le Guennic)
2. Computational design of novel 2D perovskite materials for energy applications: Electronic structure and Interfaces from first-principles. (Supervision: G. Volonakis, M. Kepenekian) 
3.  Magnetic and Multiferroic properties of mixed-anion cuprates tuned by chemical and physical pressures. (Supervision: X. Rocquefelte)
4.  Quantum chemical inspection and magnetic measurements of divalent and trivalent organo/lanthanide Single Molecule Magnets. (Supervision: B. Le Guennic, O. Cador)
5.  Unraveling white light emission and non-linear optical responses of chromophores using quantum chemistry.  (Supervision: A. Fihey, C. Katan)

PhD’s are fully funded for 3 years starting October 2020.
See attached file and for further informations on each proposed thesis, application and contact details.


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