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5 days ago
marzari 5 days ago

Four positions are available at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland) with Prof. Nicola Marzari – these positions are described below and at this link.

These positions would typically be suited for a postdoctoral or PhD candidate; if the latter, an early (MSc) track record in electronic-structure simulations is required. One of these positions would also be appropriate for a research software engineer.

Please note at the same link the advertisements for three additional positions in the group, with a focus on materials informatics.

Nicola Marzari


Outstanding candidates are sought with a background in the physical sciences (physics, chemistry, materials science, and others field of engineering) or computer science, with passion and commitment to the field, and with a commensurate academic record. Expertise in the development and application of first-principles techniques is required; experience with high-throughput calculations a plus for position 2) and 3), and needed (unless extensive HPC and C++ is shown) for position 4).

  • one postdoctoral/PhD position on the development and application of Koopmans’ compliant functionals in solids, and further extensions to include dynamical functionals, Bethe-Salpeter integration, or Kadanoff-Baym dynamics
  • one postdoctoral/PhD position on equilibrium thermodynamics, defects, and performance of functional materials
  • one postdoctoral/PhD position on materials properties on demand (through AiiDA workflows) and materials for neuromorphic computing
  • one postdoctoral/software engineer position on high-throughput calculations, and integration and support of Quantum ESPRESSO with SIRIUS (




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