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Job assignment

The main task for each doctoral student will be to conduct research but also to master graduate courses. The research project for the newly appointed doctoral student a),b) and c) respectively are:

a) Development of a theoretical and computational method to analyze and predict spin-spin correlations as revealed by neutron scattering, using many-body Green’s function techniques. First-principles and model approaches will be considered. Collaborations with experimentalists in Lund are being established in anticipation of the start of the new European Spallation Source facility. 

b) Theoretical developments of non-equilibrium Green’s function (NEGF), Density functional theories (DFT) and hybrid NEGF-DFT techniques, with applications to time-dependent spectroscopy, physics at material surfaces, ultra-cold atoms, quantum transport, magnetism. Collaborations with experimentalists in Lund at MAX IV are anticipated. 

c) Simulation and design of THz quantum cascade lasers: In this project, the existing model shall be improved with respect to the light field in the cavity and electrical instabilities. The main purpose is to identify designs with improved device functionality, which will be tested by international experimental collaboration partners.

More details and guidelines to apply can be found at


Last Application date: 30th May 2018 11:59 PM CET

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