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Webinar: how to include electron-phonon scatter ... (No replies)

7 months ago
QuantumWise 7 months ago

Synopsys QuantumWise will host a free webinar on how to include electron-phonon scattering effects in large-scale atomistic simulations of electronic devices using the Special Thermal Displacement (STD)-Landauer method in VNL-ATK 2017. These effects play a central role in the performance of nano-scale electronic devices, such as rectifiers and transistors.

The webinar will be held twice:
December 14th, 9 - 9.30 am CET (Central European Time, Denmark)
December 14th, 8 - 8.30 pm CET (good time for participants in Americas)

Presented by: Daniele Stradi, PhD and Ulrik Grønbjerg Vej-Hansen, PhD from Synopsys QuantumWise.

You can find more information and register for the free webinar here.

std landauer webinar new 3

We will cover:

- why electron-phonon scattering effects play a central role in the performance of nano-scale electronic devices;

- how and why the STD-Landauer method works (as an approximation for the current including explicit electron-phonon couplings) for including electron-phonon scattering effects and why it is so efficient;

- how to set up, run STD-Landauer calculations and analyze results, following a case study on a Si p-n junction;

- example applications of the STD-Landauer method for calculating electrical characteristics of semiconductor devices.

Afterwards, there will be time for questions and discussion.


We look forward to meeting you during the webinar!

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