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Top 10 Software Codes (No replies)

4 months ago
olyly94 4 months ago

#1: TetrUSS Computational Fluid Dynamics Software (TetrUSS)

#2: Knife v1.0 Boolean Substraction Library for Polyhedra

#3: GNSS-Inferred Positioning System and Orbit Analysis Simulation Software (GIPSY-OASIS) 

#4: Schedule Test and Assessment Tool (STAT) 5.0

#5: WinPlot Graphical Display System

#6: PLOT3D, Version 4.1

#7: Project Cost Estimating Capability Version 2.2

#8: Chimera Grid Tools, Version 2.2

#9: OVERFLOW 2: Overset Grid Computational Fluid Dynamics Flow Solver with Moving Body Capability (OVERFLOW)

#10: Computational Fluids Laboratory 3-Dimensional (CFL3D)


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