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Psi-k Volker Heine Young Investigator Award 2018 (No replies)

Damian Jones
2 years ago
Damian Jones 2 years ago

The Psi-k Volker Heine Young Investigator Award recognises an individual for their outstanding computational work in any type of condensed matter, materials or nanoscience research involving electronic structure calculations.

This year, five finalists have been selected from among the applicants by a sub-Board of the Psi-k Board of Trustees, composed of Silke Biermann, Arash Mostofi, Risto Nieminen and Matthias Scheffler. The finalists will present their work at the Berlin DPG meeting on Tuesday 13th March from 10:30 to 13:00, during the O 31 Focus Session (Frontiers of Electronic Structure Theory: Correlated Electron Materials III). They are listed at the end of this post together with their talk titles.

The recipient of the Volker Heine Award will be selected by a jury composed of the sub-Board of the Board of Trustees and DPG invited speakers. The awards of 2500 Euro for the winner and 500 Euro each for the four runners-up are sponsored by npj Computational Materials and will be announced at the Psi-k Get Together, which starts later the same day at 7pm in the Mensa of the Technical University and to which everyone in the Psi-k community is welcome.

We look forward to this wonderful occasion and look forward to seeing you in Berlin,

Silke Biermann, Arash Mostofi, Risto Nieminen and Matthias Scheffler
(on behalf of the Psi-k Board of Trustees)


Volker Heine Young Investigator Award: 2018 Finalists

Jan Gerit Brandenburg: Control and prediction of molecular crystal properties by multilevel strategies

Viktor Ivády: Advances in first-principles and model spin Hamiltonian simulations of point defects in semiconductors for quantum sensors and computing

Yaroslav Kvashnin: Recent advances in first-principles modelling of correlated magnetic materials

Reinhard Maurer: A first-principles approach to hot-electron-induced ultrafast dynamics at metal surfaces

Bartomeu Monserrat: Temperature effects in spin-orbit physics from first principles


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