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7 months ago
tbirol 7 months ago

The previous announcement had the wrong link. Please find below the announcement with the correct one. Apologies for this. 


Dear Colleagues,

As the organizers of the focus session 10.1.2 "Emergent Properties of Bulk Complex Oxides" of the 2018 APS March Meeting, we invite you to nominate candidates for invited speakers and propose invited sessions (symposia). This year, APS has switched to a new system, so you can submit proposals using APS creditentials at: . Alternatively, you can send the nominations directly to me ([email protected]). Please note that the submission site is now open and will close on Sept. 1st.


For a description of the focus session, please see below.




Turan Birol

Janice Musfeldt

Yasujiro Taguchi




10.1.2 Emergent Properties of Bulk Complex Oxides (GMAG/DMP/DCOMP) The emergence of novel states of matter, arising from the intricate coupling of electronic, and lattice degrees of freedom, is a unique feature in strongly correlated electron systems. This Focus Topic explores the nature of such ordered states observed in bulk compounds of transition metal oxides; it will provide a forum to discuss recent developments in theory, simulation, synthesis, and characterization, with the aim of covering basic aspects and identifying future key directions in bulk oxides. Of special interest are the ways in which the spin, lattice, charge, and orbital degrees of freedom cooperate, compete, and/or reconstruct in complex transition metal oxides to produce novel phenomena as well as novel magnetic states, often with exotic topological properties, that can arise from the interplay of spin-orbit coupling and Coulomb interactions. Associated with this complexity is a tendency for new forms of order, such as the formation of stripes, ferroic states, spin-orbit entangled states or phase separation. An additional focus of this session is on how competing interactions result in spatial correlations over multiple length scales, giving rise to enhanced electronic and magnetic susceptibilities and responses to external stimuli.

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