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Professor David Pettifor FRS (No replies)

9 months ago
giustino 9 months ago

Dear colleagues,
I am very sad to let you know that David Pettifor passed away on Monday. He had been Wolfson Professor and Head of the Department of Materials at the University of Oxford.

Those who had the privilege to know David will remember him as a wonderful colleague and a hugely influential figure in materials modelling around the world. He is probably most widely known for the "Pettifor structure maps" for the classification of binary compounds, and for anticipating such important developments as crystal structure prediction and materials modelling across the length scales.

For those who did not have the fortune to meet David, I wish to recommend an inspiring and timeless manuscript that beautifully portrays David's elegance and clarity of vision in materials modelling:

D. G. Pettifor, "A chemical scale for crystal-structure maps", Solid State Commun. 51, 31 (1984).

Best wishes,

Feliciano Giustino
Professor of Materials
Department of Materials
University of Oxford
+44 1865 612790

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