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New QuantumATK O-2018.06 Release for Atomic-Scal ... (No replies)

5 months ago
QuantumWise 5 months ago

We are very excited to announce the New QuantumATK O-2018.06 Release!

QuantumATK (former VNL-ATK) includes quantum mechanical methods such as DFT and semi-empirical models and the following modules: NEGF (Non-Equilibrium Green's Function), ForceField, and our advanced graphical user interface NanoLab (former VNL). Check out the recording and slides of our webinar highlighting the new features and functionalities of QuantumATK O-2018.06.

This version features, among many other things, a large number of NanoLab updates, improved performance for periodic DFT and DFT-NEGF, a Plane-Wave simulation engine including a hybrid functional HSE06, a new Study Object framework to perform complex tasks such as device geometry optimization, obtaining IV characteristics, simulating neutral and charged point defects, and new defaults for better out-of-the-box accuracy! 

The full release letter and links to (free 30-day evaluation) license and download details can be found here.

Synopsys QuantumATK Team


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