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6 months ago
claudia 6 months ago

Dear all,

We learned that one figure and a link of our previous email were not included properly. We are sorry for that and we thank those who pointed it out!

In short, with this email we wanted to express our big THANKS for your support, and liked to ask for your continued assistance so that we can improve and advance NOMAD even further.

In November 2014, the PIs of the NOMAD (Novel Materials Discovery) Center of Excellence (CoE) launched a survey on Open Science. This stimulated quite some discussion, and initially some people were reluctant to the idea of sharing their input and output files. Meanwhile, the scientific culture has drastically changed, and the success of NOMAD was much bigger than expected: Initially, we expected to count maybe 100,000 calculations by the end of 2018. By now the NOMAD Repository and Archive already holds more than 50 million open access calculations!

For more, see our previous E-mail attached as a pdf.

With best wishes,
Claudia and Matthias for the whole NOMAD Team (


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