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MaX newsletter August 2017 (No replies)

7 months ago
marri 7 months ago

The August 2017 issue of the MaX (Materials Design at the Exascale) newsletter is now ready and accessible. In this number we mainly focus on:


-MaX prize for frontier HPC applications in materials research. MaX establishes a prize to recognize frontier research that is enabled by Quantum ESPRESSO, SIESTA, Fleur, Yambo and AiiDA. 

- A new feature for Siesta: including spin-orbit interaction. A new implementation of SIESTA is presented.

-New Fleur benchmark on the RWTH compute CLAIX cluster. Fleur shows now high scalability on HPC architectures.

-Help Desk and Advanced Support services. The services provide a direct contact between users and MaX-code developers.

-Right-sizing new high-bandwidth memory for Quantum ESPRESSO. A co-design activity performed at CINECA is reported.

You can also read of recent activities concerning  MaX  flagship codes and MaX researchers as well as  about  upcoming MaX events.

Details can be found in the MaX newsletter.

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The MaX Team



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