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MaX newsletter April 2017 (No replies)

6 months ago
marri 6 months ago
MaX newsletter April 2017
The April 2017 issue of the MaX newsletter is now ready and accessible. In this number we focus on:
- a workflow to design solid state battery materials: an industry oriented project powered by Aiida and Quantum ESPRESSO;
Schrödinger and Quantum ESPRESSO: the MaX flagship code is now also integrated in Schrödinger's suite;
on the way to exascale computing: a multi petaFlop real-life GW simulation with Yambo;
- MaX video lectures:  new entries downloadable from the MaX website;
- MaX User portal: apply for “training through research” in the MaX labs;
25000 dowloads reached by MaX flagship codes: Fleur, Quantum Espresso, Siesta, and Yambo.
Details can be found in the MaX newsletter.
Visit this link to subscribe.
The MaX Team

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