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Damian Jones
9 months ago
Damian Jones 9 months ago

[Posted on behalf of Prof Volker Heine]

I am impressed by the number of job advertisements that there are coming on our Psi-k email distribution and I presume website.

This means

(1) the importance of Psi-k as a community for ab initio simulation, and

(2) how such work has become 'main-stream' in research on materials including biology.

There were about 568 such advertisements in the 12 months between 14.Oct.2016 and 13.Oct.2017 for positions ranging from PhD places to senior professorships, and from around the whole world. And many of these were for more than one PhD opening or/and Post-Doc position.

That is very impressive.

Also very significant is how codes developed among the Psi-k community have been disseminated and used around the world. I notice for example that total sales of the CASTEP code amount now to more than 40 M dollars.

What a change from the time when the concept of 'the pseudopotential' was just being defined!

Cheers, Volker.


Prof. Volker HEINE                
Cavendish Laboratory (TCM)      
J J Thomson Ave                  
Cambridge CB3 0HE                  


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