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5 months ago
jodangit 5 months ago

Join us for a free Materials Today webinar In association with the NOMAD Laboratory, Mendeley and the Materials Project.

To sign up, visit:

the webinar will be hosted on  

Openly available materials science data has the potential to revolutionize the discovery and development of new materials. In addition, open data fosters collaboration, reduces redundancy and improves reproducibility, making the most of available resources and boosting researcher output. Join Kristin Persson and Luca Ghiringhelli to discover the hows and whys of sharing materials science research data, and find out how to derive the most value from these data through the application of enhanced modelling and big data analytics software.

  • Learn the potential benefits of sharing data in materials science

  • Learn how to use tools to detect unseen patterns or structures in data and predict materials properties

  • Understand how large publicly funded initiatives are democratizing data in materials science and how you can use them

To read the detailed abstracts, please click here.


Dr Anita de Waard, Vice President, Research Data Collaborations, Elsevier

Professor Kristin Persson, Associate Professor, UC Berkeley / Faculty Staff Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

Dr Luca Ghiringhelli, Group Leader, Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Berlin, Germany.

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