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9 months ago
gaudry 9 months ago

The international program “Multiscale Materials” covers the science and engineering necessary to characterize
and model the properties of a wide range of materials. It highlights the relationships between materials structure
and their mechanical and physical properties and functionalities. Bridging multiple length-scales, this program
addresses fundamental aspects as well as cutting-edge applications in multiple areas, including biotechnologies,
nanotechnologies, and structural materials.

The development of industrial systems and the design of sustainable devices are a major strategic challenge
for our societies. “Multiscale Materials” provides the tools to choose the appropriate materials, as well as design
and manufacture them to optimize their bulk or surface structures, properties and functionalities for a wide range
of targeted applications. The Multiscale Materials program is hosted by Mines Nancy, one of the best French
Graduate Schools of Engineering, which is at the crossroads between academia and industry.

The international program is entirely taught in English (2 semesters). It will start next September. The deadline for registration
is April 15. The detailed program is joined and available:

Financial support will be available for selected students (Grants awarded on the base of academic excellence).

International Office: [email protected]
Student Mobility Coordinator, Incoming Students:
Marion Carrey [email protected]
Tel. +33 (0)3 55 66 26 76


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