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2 months ago
claudia 2 months ago

Dear electronic-structure community,

We are happy to present our brand-new FAIRmat Newsletter that you can download from here:

In this first issue, we summarize the mission and goals of the consortium FAIRmatFAIR Data Infrastructure for Materials Science and Related Research Fields:

And we share with you some information about our recent, ongoing, and upcoming activities and the current status of the German Research Data Infrastructure.

Among them is the organization of the Conference on A FAIR Data Infrastructure for Materials Genomics, taking place in Berlin, Germany, 3 - 5 June, 2020. We were able to get the top leaders of the field as plenary and invited speakers. For more information, visit the conference webpage at or register here:

If you like to engage in FAIRmat and obtain more information, please, register here:

Enjoy our Newsletter!

Best wishes,
Claudia Draxl, Matthias Scheffler, and the entire FAIR-DI/FAIRmat Team


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