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DFTB+ becomes LGPL licenced (No replies)

8 months ago
bhourahine 8 months ago
We are pleased to announce the first LGPL-licensed open source version of DFTB+ (release 17.1).
DFTB+ offers a fast approximate density functional theory based quantum simulation tool with a range
of functionalities for ground and excited state calculations.
Our aim is to extend the active user base beyond the community of the 2000+ users who had
previously registered for access the the code under the older licence. We want to make DFTB+ useful
for an even broader scientific community in future years. We have therefore changed the license of
the software to the open source license LGPL, enabling you to: * obtain and use DFTB+ without any registration process, independent of whether your research is
commercial or not * interface and distribute DFTB+ as part of your academic or commercial software package, * easily contribute to DFTB+ by using our publicly hosted repository. For more details see

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