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5 months ago
attecsc 5 months ago

The Novel Materials Discovery (NOMAD) team invites research visits on Data Analytics through the HPC-Europa3 program. The next deadline for HPC-Europa3 applications is February 28th.

HPC-Europa3 (HPCE3) funds 3-13 week long research visits to eight different European countries promoting the use of High Performance Computing (HPC) and international research collaboration in all fields of science. HPCE3 covers the travel and accommodation costs, provides a small daily allowance for the visitor and gives access to the corresponding HPC center.

The NOMAD Center of Excellence ( combines a materials repository with advanced data analytics tools. NOMAD-HPCE3 project will advance machine learning and data analytics in materials science. The NOMAD research groups at King's College, Humboldt University, University of Cambridge, University of Barcelona, Aalto University, Max Planck Institute Hamburg, and Fritz Haber Institute will host interested HPC-Europa3 researchers.

For more information please visit, or contact Atte ([email protected]), Patrick ([email protected]), Angelo ([email protected]) or Luca ([email protected]).

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