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Damian Jones
11 months ago
Damian Jones 11 months ago

CECAM and Psi-k launch a call to organize a common research conference on an outstanding topic in the areas of computational materials science, ranging from solid state and nano materials to polymers and biomaterials, biological simulations, and molecular science.

The 5-day research conference should target at up to 100 participants. The structure and style of the conference must foster discussions and informal interactions among the participants.

We encourage proposals that promote interdisciplinary exchange and focus on exceptional scientific challenges that take us beyond our current boundaries,  and foster the discussion of new methodological developments.

Proposals must be submitted online at  All conference proposals will be peer reviewed, discussed and ranked by a scientific panel.

In the proposal, emphasis should be placed on outlining the challenging scientific issues, which will be the focus of the event, and in establishing the proposed list of speakers and participants. Active participation of scientists at different stages of their career is encouraged. The proposal should include information on the venue, and a tentative budget. CECAM and Psi-k are committed to support the event with up to 30000 euro. Conference fees may be charged only to cover costs.

The call will be open until end of July 2017 and the final outcome will be communicated during the autumn.

For further information, please please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ignacio Pagonabarraga                                          Risto Nieminen
[email protected]                      [email protected]

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