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5 months ago
dwhswenson 5 months ago

CECAM/E-CAM Extended Software Development Workshop: Intelligent High Throughput Computing For Scientific Applications

Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy, 16-20 July 2018

We would like to announce an upcoming CECAM/E-CAM Extended Software Development Workshop on the topic of intelligent high throughput computing. Participants will learn how to implement modern, task-based, high-throughput computing in their own software projects, by interfacing with frameworks that facilitate such parallelization. The first half of the workshop will focus on introducing various tools and techniques, and the second half will be an opportunity for hands-on development based on the participants' research projects.

The problem of parallelizing loosely coupled tasks is a common one in scientific programming. For example, algorithms may sample many short trajectories that can be run simultaneously, where the selection of initial conditions depends on results from previous stages. In such a case, parallelization can be accomplished by considering each trajectory as a "task," and tracking the dependencies between them. This workshop will focus on several libraries that facilitate this kind of parallelization, and on interfacing those libraries with existing code.

More information at: https://www.cecam.org/workshop-1650.html


* Learn to create Python bindings for existing code

* Learn about task-based frameworks, including dask.distributed, COMP Superscalar, and MDStudio

* Implement interfaces for task-based parallelization using these frameworks in your own code


Apply through the workshop URL at https://www.cecam.org/workshop-1650.html. If you have a specific project in mind for task-based parallelization, please describe it (briefly) in your application email.

There is no registration fee. Lodging and lunches will be provided, and travel costs can be reimbursed (up to 300 EUR within Europe; 600 EUR for travel from outside Europe).

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