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NGSCES2018: New Generation in Strongly Correlate ... (No replies)

George Booth
6 months ago
George Booth 6 months ago

The 9th edition of the successful conference conference series on 'New Generation in Strongly Correlated Electrons Systems' (NGSCES 2018), will be held in Donostia/San Sebastian (Spain) on September 3-7, 2018.

In the spirit of the previous successful NGSCES editions, its aim is to provide a friendly atmosphere to foster discussions and collaborations between emergent and more experienced scientists in the field of correlated electron systems, both from the theoretical and experimental side, by encouraging participation of researchers at an early career stage. For this purpose, early-career researchers, PDRAs and PhD students are particularly encouraged to apply to give a presentation or poster, via the conference website at http://ngsces2018.dipc.org/.

Abstract submission deadline will be open until June 15, 2018.

The conference covers a wide range of topics such as:
- Non-Equilibrium Quantum Dynamics
- Topological insulators and Spin-Orbit Coupled Systems
- Strong Correlations at the Nanoscale
- Quantum Magnetism
- Unconventional Superconductivity
- Development of novel computational/experimental techniques in correlated condensed matter

We are delighted to receive your abstracts and looking forward to meeting you all in San Sebastian.

Kind regards,
The Organizing Committee:
Santiago Blanco-Canosa
George Booth
Wojciech Brzezicki
Ion Errea
Matteo Minola
Laurenz Rettig

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