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Launch of the new MMM Hub: Powering Up Research, ... (No replies)

11 months ago
TYCADMIN 11 months ago

The Thomas Young Centre (TYC) and the Science and Engineering South (SES) Consortium are thrilled to launch the Materials and Molecular Modelling Hub (MMM Hub) at UCL on 14 September 2017.

We are extremely proud to introduce the MMM Hub which has been developed following an EPSRC award of £4 million to a consortium of partners to create a new national Tier 2 supercomputing centre. 

The outline of the launch is to raise awareness among the entire UK MMM community of the accessibility and capabilities of this new UK-wide High Performance Computing Hub.  We are encouraging researchers, support staff, academics and industry members from across the interdisciplinary field of materials, be they physicists, chemists, engineers, materials scientists, biologists, geologists and more to join us for a lively and edifying day.  We will host speakers who are leaders in the field, including Dr Susan Morrell (EPSRC), Prof. Mark Miodownik (UCL) and Massimo Noro (Science Leader High Performance Computing at Unilever), among others.

Come and join us to help establish an MMM Hub community and to foster the cross fertilisation of ideas.  Attendance at the launch is FREE. 

Register before 25 August to secure your place.

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