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APS March Meeting Focus Topic on electrons and p ... (No replies)

9 months ago
mverstra 9 months ago

Dear Colleagues,

The abstract submission deadline for the APS March Meeting (March 5-9, 2018 - Los Angeles, CA) is coming up (11/3), don't forget! We are organizing a Focus Topic on phonons, electrons, their coupling, and phononics in general (coherent states, nonlinear control of phase transitions, ultrafast vibrational effects...) - if your research fits this menu consider submitting to "16.1.2 Electrons, Phonons, Electron Phonon Scattering, and Phononics".

The correlation of electron and phonon dynamics governs many processes in solid state and molecular physics, from superconductivity to normal state transport, charge and spin density waves, and laser induced nonequilibrium dynamics. We have extended the scope of previous years' Focus Topic to include anharmonic and complex purely phononic effects, in particular for strongly quantum regimes or information processing using phonons. This field touches functional materials, phase transitions, and various forms of energy harvesting.


All the best, and see you in L.A.
The organizers,
David Singh, Baowen Li, Matthieu Verstraete


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