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Mike Towler
6 years ago
Mike Towler 6 years ago

So what do people think of this new website then?

Bill Example
6 years ago
Bill Example 6 years ago

I think it's a load of rubbish, and whatever you're getting paid, it's far too much. First off, the site is too colourful and garish, and this just gets in the way. We're supposed to be discussing physics - black text on a white background with a very occasional illustrative figure is quite sufficient. And here you are with your 'Music' and 'Artwork' categories. Trying to bring culture to the masses are you? Idiot. 

And anyway, I preferred the old site where the text box available for writing stuff was only 1cm high, and where the formatting buttons only appeared for one in five browsers. Say what you like, but it forced you to think and be concise, and to focus on the content rather than what it looks like. 

And OK, it stripped all the newlines out of my posts so that all my carefully formatted paragraphs ran together but I wrote a shell script to put them back, and now what do I find? On your new site my script makes all my paragraphs have two newlines between them. Well thanks for creating yet more work for me.

And I bet you think you look really cool with your stupid pose, sunglasses, arms folded, standing in front of a mountain. Well let me tell you, you look like an arse. And I think everybody knows it - including unnecessary avatars in peoples' subscriptions just makes it more obvious.

Bill Example
University of Ougadougou
Burkina Faso
The Solar System
The Universe

5 years ago

Is there a way to correct an error in job announcement?

Mike Towler
5 years ago

Dear crljen,

I don't know why you're asking Bill Example. He's only three years old.

Anyway, you can modify your own announcements for up to half an hour after posting by clicking on the image of a black spanner on the right hand side of the post (see instructions here).

Of course, this is primarily a mailing list so most people will look at the emailed announcement rather than checking on this site. If the correction is a vital one (wrong date, or something) you should probably send out a second announcement as well as modifying the stuff posted on the website appropriately.

As 30 minutes have presumably elapsed, I've corrected your spelling of 'Reaearch' in the title of your ad. Hope that's what you wanted.


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