Psi-k workshops 2015

  1. Psi-k / CECAM research conference – Frontiers of first-principles simulations: materials design and discovery, 1-5 February, Berlin, Germany
  2. Emergent structural and electronic phenomena at interfaces of nanoscale oxides, 8-10 April, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland
  3. Excitations in realistic materials using Yambo on massively parallel architectures, 13-17 April, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland
  4. Perspectives of many-particle methods: Total energy, spectroscopy and time-dependent dynamics, 20-24 April, University of Bremen, Germany
  5. Nothing is perfect – the quantum mechanics of defects, 26-29 April, Ascona, Switzerland (Final Report)
  6. Abinit developers’ workshop 2015 (ABIDEV), 28-30 April, Liege, Belgium
  7. Computer simulations for condensed phase systems: from correlated electrons to novel materials, 4-6 May, CNR, Rome, Italy (Final Report)
  8. From many-body Hamiltonians to machine learning and back, 11-13 May, Berlin, Germany
  9. Workshop on materials science for energy storage, 11-15 May, ICTP, Trieste, Italy
  10. Theoretical spectroscopy lectures, 18-22 May, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland
  11. Electron-vibration coupling : theoretical and numerical challenges, 27-29 May, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland
  12. 12th ETSF young researchers’ meeting: Challenges in ab initio modelling of materials and molecules, 1-5 June, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France
  13. Methods and algorithms in electronic-structure theory, 3-6 June, Ringberg Castle, Germany
  14. Future technologies in automated atomistic simulations, 8-10 June, EPFL, Switzerland
  15. Theory of metal atoms, clusters and nanoparticles stabilized by organic matter, 10-12 June, Aalto University, Finland (Final Report)
  16. Liquid-solid Interfaces: structure and dynamics from spectroscopy and simulations, 22-24 June, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland
  17. Advanced thermoelectrics at nanoscale: from materials to devices, 7-10 July, Paris, France (Final Report)
  18. Hands-on workshop – Density functional theory and beyond: first-principles simulations of molecules and materials, 13-23 July, Fritz-Haber-Institut, Berlin, Germany (Final Report)
  19. Next-generation quantum-based molecular dynamics: challenges and perspectives, 13-17 July, University of Bremen, Germany
  20. Electronic structure at the cutting edge with the Elk code, 10-14 August, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland
  21. Chemical and structural transformations in materials under mechanical load, 1-4 September, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland (Final Report)
  22. The 2015 Psi-k Conference – ab initio calculations (from the electronic structure) of processes in materials, 6-10 September, San Sebastian, Spain
  23. Exploration of ultrafast timescales using time-dependent density functional theory and quantum optimal control theory, 28 September – 2 October, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland (Final Report)
  24. Electronic structure theory for the accelerated design of structural materials, 26-30 October, Moscow, Russia
  25. Computational plasmonics: an ab initio and multiscale perspective, 2-4 November, CECAM Lausanne, Switzerland (Final Report)
  26. Simulation of chemistry-driven growth phenomena for metastable materials, 8-11 November, Germany (Final Report)
  27. Open quantum systems computational methods, 30 November – 4 December, University of Hong Kong
  28. Total Energy 2016, 7-9 January 2016, Luxembourg

Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculation of complex processes in materials