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3 months ago
s_corni 3 months ago

A position at the level of assistant professor in research (fixed term three year contract, “ricercatore a tempo determinato di tipo a”) will open soon at the Dept. of Chemical Sciences, University of Padova. The main research theme to be pursued by the hired person will be Quantum Computing for Chemistry, to help consolidating the research activity on this topic at the Department (a few representative publications are reported here below) in collaboration with the groups of Prof. Barbara Fresch and Prof. Stefano Corni.


A successful candidate hold a PhD and completed at least one post-doc position on theoretical/computational chemistry or physics, has scientific software development skills preferably with python, and has at least basic knowledge of quantum computing. Teaching duties at the level of lab assistance is expected.

Salary and other conditions

Salary is fixed by law at around 1800 euro per month (net amount),  with possibility of tax reduction depending on specific mobility conditions. The formal call is expected to open end of April 2023, with starting date negotiable within the period September-December 2023.

Representative publications

  • Quantum computing for classical problems: variational quantum eigensolver for activated processes. P Pravatto, D Castaldo, F Gallina, B Fresch, S Corni, GJ Moro, New Journal of Physics 23, 123045 (2021)
  • Quantum simulation of molecules in solution. D Castaldo, S Jahangiri, A Delgado, S Corni Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 18, 7457 (2022)
  • Strategies to simulate dephasing-assisted quantum transport on digital quantum computers. F Gallina, M Bruschi, B Fresch, New Journal of Physics 24, 023039 (2022)

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