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razvancaracas 1 month ago

We seek a postdoctoral research fellow to study the partitioning of noble gases between the Earth’s mantle and the core during the processes of core formation and crystallization of the magma ocean. The methodology envisaged is to compute the partitioning using first-principles molecular-dynamics calculations coupled with thermodynamic modeling.

The position is within the Center for Earth Evolution and Dynamics ( of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Oslo. 

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has a strategic ambition is to be among Europe’s leading communities for research, education and innovation. Candidates for these fellowships will be selected in accordance with this, and expected to be in the upper segment of their class with respect to academic credentials.

  • The candidate must have a PhD or other corresponding education equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree in mineralogy or condensed matter physics or chemistry. Doctoral dissertation must be submitted for evaluation by the closing date. Only applicants with an approved doctoral thesis and public defense are eligible for appointment.
  • We require experience with ab initio methods based on density-functional theory, and especially with molecular-dynamics simulations, and a solid basis in thermodynamics.
  • A strong record of successfully communicating research results via publications and conference presentations are assets.
  • Fluent oral and written communication skills in English

For more information and for application, please visit:


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