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Postdoc position in ab initio molecular dynamics ... (No replies)

1 month ago
dingpan 1 month ago

A post-doc position is currently available in the Ångström group at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Our group focuses on the development and applications of quantum mechanics simulations using massively parallel computers, e.g., ab initio molecular dynamics, density-functional theory, post-DFT methods, empirical potentials, and machine learning.

More information about our group can be found at

The position is open immediately and remains open until it is filled. The salary is negotiable and will be internationally competitive.

Qualifications for the Job

  • PhD degree in physics, chemistry, materials science, or related disciplines
  • Experiences with electronic structure calculations and/or molecular dynamics
  • A record of publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at international scientific conferences
  • Experience with method/code development is a plus

How to apply

Email a CV, a cover letter and a list of references to Prof. Ding Pan (dingpan(at)

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