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4 months ago
semason 4 months ago

A postdoc position is available in the group of Prof. S. E. Mason at the University of Iowa. The full description and application instructions can be found at the link at the bottom of this message.

In brief:

A postdoc position pursuing research using first-principles and thermodynamics modeling of structure, reactivity, and transformations of (nano)materials in the environment is available in the research group of Prof. S. E. Mason at the University of Iowa. The project will contribute to The Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology ( and/or other funded research aimed at deriving structure-property relationships of redox-active materials and molecules. The position will provide opportunities to engage in collaborative research aimed at (i) advancing first-principles thermodynamics methodology, (ii) incorporating machine learning to derive reactivity descriptors, (iii) benchmarking electronic structure calculations on redox-active organic molecules.


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