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4 months ago
dixitmuditk 4 months ago

A post-doctoral position in computational biochemistry is available at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. The research will focus on developing code for advanced multiscale docking simulations. The position is available immediately. 

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, bio-informatics, or related fields. The ideal candidate should meet the following requirements:  

  1. Experience in programming/scripting:  
    1. Python (extensive experience required) 
    2. Linux scripting (extensive experience required) 
    3. Java scripts (preferred) 
    4. Fortran, C/C++ (preferred) 
  2. Extensive experience with advanced simulation packages (e.g., CHARMM, Amber, NAMD, Gromacs) 
  3. Within 3 years of receiving Ph.D. degree (required). 
  4. Experience writing scientific articles 
  5. Good interpersonal skills 
  6. Good command of English 

    The position is initially for 1 year with possibly extension upon mutual agreement. 
    Please send CV and cover letter to Prof. Dan T Major ([email protected] 
    General information: 

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