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3 months ago
jrschmidt2 3 months ago

The group of Prof. J.R. Schmidt at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is seeking a talented and motivated candidate to fill an open postdoctoral position. The position involves an exciting opportunity to apply a combination of machine learning and quantum chemistry techniques for the design of photo initiator complexes. This work will be conducted in close collaboration with a synthetic colleague (Prof. Tehshik Yoon) and an industrial sponsor.


- A PhD in theoretical chemistry or a related scientific disciple is required.

- An ideal candidate will also have:

* Prior experience with machine learning techniques

* Prior experience with modern electronic structure methods

* Basic coding and scripting abilities (e.g. Python, C++…)


To be considered, please send a cover letter with a summary of research experience and a CV with a full list of publications together with namesand contact details of two references to Prof. Schmidt at [email protected]. Initial appointment is for one year, renewable upon mutual agreement.

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