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2 PhD positions in Aarhus, Denmark: Computationa ... (No replies)

3 months ago
mieandersen 3 months ago

We have two PhD openings to work with computational modelling and machine learning with applications in astrochemistry or heterogeneous catalysis. See the full call and apply here.

Place of work:
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University, Denmark.

Qualifications and specific competences:
Applicants to the PhD positions must have a Master’s degree in Physics, Chemistry, Nanoscience or related. If applying for a 4+4 PhD position, the applicant must have a bachelor’s of science degree and be one year into the Master’s program.

What we offer:
The PhD candidates will benefit from an inspiring international environment, collaborations with theoretical and/or experimental partners and a competitive salary.

The deadline to apply is May 1st 2023 and the positions are available from August 2023 or later.

Applicants seeking further information for this project are invited to contact:
Associate Professor Mie Andersen, [email protected]
Read more about our work at the group webpage.

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