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3 months ago
JSDolado 3 months ago

The Ceramic and Cement-based materials Group ( ) seeks two well-motivated postdocs to join a highly multidisciplinary project funded by the H2020 project NRG-STORAGE ( which aims to design new concretes with thermal energy storage ability.

In particular, the candidates will work in the DFT computational description of cementitious graphene-based thermoelectric composites.

The selected candidate will be hired by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the duration of the appointment will be of 2-3 years. The preferred starting date will be June 2021. The salary will be of approximately 35,000euros per year before taxes. The candidate should demonstrate previous experience in the area. The following points are not required to apply, but they will be considered in the evaluation process as convenient.

 * Experience in cement-based materials and/or similar materials like clays and zeolites.

* Experience in DFT simulations, and in particular  thermoelectric properties of materials (phonons, thermal conductivities, electrical conductivity).

Suitable candidates are requested to submit: 1-A presentation letter with a declaration of interests (max. 1 page). 2- A Curriculum Vitae, including a list of publications. 3-Two reference letters and/or contact email of two potential referees. The application for the contract will be opened from the 1st of Feb 2021 to 1st June 2021, but it will be extended in case no appropriate candidate is found. Do not hesitate to contact Jorge S. Dolado by email ([email protected]) for further clarifications.


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