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Curated materials data at the MPDS worth of ~100 ... (No replies)

Evgeny Blokhin
10 months ago
Evgeny Blokhin 10 months ago

Dear colleagues!

Let me invite you to try our online materials informatics tool: MPDS. When it comes to getting the materials data, the researchers often experience the issues:

- Materials data infrastructures can only be useful if there's trust in the data, and this can only be achieved via the extensive data curation.
- Today's data infrastructures have a completeness problem, as they contain mostly ab initio and almost no experimental data.
- Need to manually connect the dots to bring particular properties together to get a coherent dataset.

If you're experiencing any of these, you will enjoy the Materials Platform for Data Science (MPDS), solving all of these issues! Your research will benefit both in terms of time and cost, as we provide the access to the largest and most comprehensive curated inorganic materials dataset, in machine-readable format.

Since 1993 our international expert team has been manually excerpting the data from the articles, books, proceedings in the materials science, ever published since 1891. The team has processed ~400k publications during these years and extracted over 500k crystal structures, 80k phase diagrams, and more than a million other property sets, manually checked and carefully evaluated them. Besides MPDS, these data also power such products as Springer Materials, AtomWork Adv., MedeA Materials Design, ICDD PDF, etc.

And of course we have a free-forever access tier! Moreover, the full access demo can be easily given (just login using ORCID, GitHub, LinkedIn, etc.). Please feel free to use our data at and enjoy our work.

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