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3 months ago
eiji.kawasaki 3 months ago
Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that the upcoming “Do Research Like a Munchkin” workshop (3rd edition) about Clean Code and Agile Project Management will be organized online.
It will start on the 4th of March 2021 and will last 8 weeks. Participants will be asked to practice what they learn by working with a team on a small research project. The total effort requested to each team is approximately 5 hours of work every week.

Details about the workshop can be found on the official website.

Summary: We are two Computational Physicists who moved out of academia to work in Software Development.
The workshop “Do Research Like a Munchkin” (a.k.a. Software Development Practices Applied To Computational Research) is our attempt to introduce computational researchers to our vision of how Scientific Computing can benefit from Software Development practices.

The programme is here: https://the-munchkins.gitlab.io/do-research-like-a-munchkin/lectures.html
The workshop will include the following topics:
- Introduction to Project Management: Waterfall vs Agile
- How to write stories, maintain a Backlog and work with a board
- Improve constantly with Retrospectives
- Agile best practices
- Tests and test-driven development
- Git
- Clean and maintainable code
- Useful documentation

Applications are open, contact us following this link.

Best regards,

Eiji Kawasaki

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