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1 month ago
davideds 1 month ago

The European Materials Modelling Council is organising within the EMMC-CSA project a Workshop on Business Models for Materials Modelling Software.

Are you interested in software commercialisation and business models relevant to the field of materials modelling? EMMC would be pleased to invite you to a workshop where you can learn from a range of experts.

Overview & Preliminary Schedule

Successful software for materials modelling has an expected lifetime of many decades. This long-term nature requires a sound legal and business foundation: the ownership of software must be clearly established and the license models need to be carefully thought through to ensure a sustainable development and maintenance of the software and impactful exploitation by both academic and industrial end-users. Different business models need to be considered when developing a strategy for long term sustainability of software and sustainment of the operation.

A detailed study was published in a White Paper “Business Models and Sustainability for Materials Modelling Software” which can be found here https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.2541723

Experienced Software Owners will share their successful practice with the audience and will cover open-source, non-profit and commercial business models.

More details here:


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