Psi-k: Postdoc positions available in the DFT-QSG at NISER, Bhubaneswar, India (apply before 25th September, 2021)

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Postdoc positions available in the DFT-QSG at NISER, Bhubaneswar, India (apply before 25th September, 2021)

We are looking forward to hiring highly motivated,  interested, and potential candidates for filling out the available  Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship in our DFT-QSG. (apply before 25th September, 2021)


We are working in the Density Functional Theory & Quantum Simulations Group (DFT-QSG) (more info: at the School of Physical Sciences, NISER, Bhubaneswar, INDIA. We are working on first-principle density functional theory and its developments along with cutting-edge potential applications of highly advanced DFT methodologies. Our primary research focus is based on the advancement and application of the DFT & allied many-body formalism (Such as RPA and GW) applied to molecules and solids.  We are working on the construction of advanced exchange-correlation (XC) kernels, dispersion corrected, van-der-Waals, perturbative DFT. Developments of excited-state & TDDFT. DFT for strictly-correlated electrons and strongly-interacting systems. Construction of (dielectric-dependent) hybrids and orbital-dependent/free density functionals. Layered materials for solar cell applications, molecular clusters, nanostructures, topological, ferroelectric, 2D heterostructure, properties of twisted and strain-induced TMDC, structural phase transition, behaviors at the interface of layered materials are also our primary interests.


Requirements: The ideal candidates should have a Ph.D. in theoretical and computational ab initio Condensed Matter Physics or Materials Science or Theoretical Quantum Chemistry with a strong taste for theory and formalism with relevant applications. A strong hand with various DFT-based electronic structure codes/packages along with very good knowledge of programming in FORTRAN, C++ & Python, etc. is desirable.  Candidates with experimental background with less DFT related application related theoretical work will get less preference.



How to apply: Interested candidates can directly write to the mentor of the DFT-QSG, Prof. Prasanjit Samal ([email protected]) with the latest CV and research interest with the list of publications. Also, arrange two to three recommendation letters in support of their postdoc application at the earliest. The hiring process will start at the earliest possible. These positions are open only for Indian nationals.