Psi-k: Computational Materials Scientist – Research Division, Western Digital, San Jose, CA

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Computational Materials Scientist – Research Division, Western Digital, San Jose, CA

Computational Materials Scientist – Western Digital, San Jose CA

We are looking to hire a computational materials scientist at Western Digital!  The full job description and application link is listed below.


Job Description

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate to work in collaboration with top research colleagues and teams conducting and supporting basic research and integration activities in the physical sciences spanning a wide range of fields including, but not limited to, non-volatile memory technologies and new advanced storage concepts.  The job requires conducting and developing capability in computational simulations of materials, interfaces and devices including all forms or transport phenomena (e.g., thermal, electronic, spin). The ideal candidate would also help develop insight into the dominating physical phenomena underpinning device behavior and predicting outcomes for efficient device and experiment design purposes. The work environment rewards innovative thinking and a highly collaborative attitude.




3+years or higher experience in computational materials science with strong background in solid state physics and devices. Doctorate degree in Physics, Materials Science, Electrical Engineering or Chemistry.



Candidates with experience in magnetism and magnetic materials and electronic, spin and thermal transport. Experience with Comsol or other multi-physics simulation tool



Expert knowledge of atomistic computational modeling techniques such as density functional theory and classical molecular dynamics.  Experience with first principle codes including Quantum ATK, VASP, and Quantum Espresso and classical molecular dynamics approaches such as LAMMPS.


Strong research skills

Excellent computer and written communication skills

Excellent organizational and motivational skills

High attention to detail and observation ability

Strong work ethic


Additional Information

Because Western Digital thrives on the power of diversity and is committed to an inclusive environment where every individual can thrive through a sense of belonging, respect, and contribution, we are committed to giving every qualified applicant and employee an equal opportunity.  Western Digital does not discriminate against any applicant or employee based on their protected class status and complies with all federal and state laws against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, as well as the laws and regulations set forth in the “Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law” poster.